True Love: Latrice & Deji

True Love: Wedding celebration between Latrice Roberts & Deji Adegoye

There is always something unique, spectacular, and special about every wedding. The union of Latrice and Deji is definitely not an exception to this rule, and it is with great pleasure to have witnessed the wedding celebration between Latrice Roberts & Deji Adegoye, which is indeed a true tale of two lives and two hearts joined together in friendship and love.  The couple met in a barber’s shop in the city of Chicago, Illinois, and tied the knot in the same city on the 28th of August, 2010.

Having traveled a thousand miles from Houston to Chicago to cover this wedding, it was definitely nice to enjoy a glimpse of the eye-catchy choice of reception the couple had selected for the event. The organization and coordination of the ceremony was also a remarkable one, with the proximity of the locations where the events took place being within five miles of each other.

It is always interesting, inspiring, and intriguing to witness the wedding ceremony between two young and dashing individuals, as this marks the beginning of their life’s journey as one. Golden Icons would like to use this opportunity to wish Latrice and Ayodeji a blissful and enjoyable marriage. We commit your marriage into the loving hands of our Almighty God, and once again, we wish you a wonderful and blessed married life.

Article/Photography by Bode Ojo of Golden Icons

Article/Photography by Bode Ojo of Golden Icons

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8 Responses to “True Love: Latrice & Deji”

  1. Lola says:

    Congrats Tope.

    Wish all the best with your pretty wife.

  2. Latrice says:

    I really love these pictures, Thank you Bode you did a great job. You really know how to capture the beauty and exicitement from everyone. Great Job!!!!

  3. Lumzy says:

    Good Job Bode, I am indeed very impressed. Keep it up man!

    @ Tope and Latrice: Congrats guys. You guys will continue to grow in love and Gods grace.

  4. MR.&MRS.Lamont A says:

    MR.& MRS.Deji Adegoye me and my husband enjoyed your wedding it was beautiful.

  5. MR.& MRS. DEji Adegoye your wedding was beautiful we enjoyed ourselves. Alethea & Lamont Auston.

  6. Martha Vences says:

    Mr. & Mrs. Deji

    Congratulations! Latrice, you really looked beautiful. Wish I could of been there. Best wishes, Martha

  7. Sheila Jolly says:

    Congrats Latrice & husband!!! The pics are beautiful!!

  8. Otumbari Mathew says:

    go and be fruitful!

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