Fally Ipupa Live in Houston

Fans were screaming “Fally, Fally, Fally Ipupa”, as the award winning and BET nominated International Star “Fally Ipupa”, walked out of his Limo into the VIP section of Jet Blue Lounge live in Houston.  The concert was a sold-out red carpet event, and was organized and brought to...

Fally Ipupa Live in Houston: 11-26-11

On November 26, 2011, Meridian Gardens & Princess Belemzy will be presenting the B.E.T International Artist Nominee “Fally Ipupa”, in a live concert / red carpet event in Houston, TX (for peace in Africa). Official Media Coverage by Golden Icons (www.goldenicons.com); Come...

Grind Alive Presents Fabolous

Grind Alive Presents Fabulous in Houston, Texas

P-Square’s Concert: Houston

Live band, No lip singing, No technical mishaps, and an outstanding performance by the hit makers “P-Square aka Peter and Paul”. The twins left a long lasting memory for all their fans and viewers that came out for the Houston’s show. A completely Sold Out Concert, and I am...

P-Square’s Concert: 07-02-10

P-Square Live in Houston, Texas on July 02, 2010

P-Square Live in Houston, TX

P-Square Live in Houston, Texas on July 02, 2010