My American Nurse 2 Premiere

Nollywood: My American Nurse 2 Premiere

At the world premiere of “My American Nurse 2” in Houston, Texas on March 19, 2010. Pascal Atuma Productions and crew arrived in style with a few paparazzi welcoming them as they stepped out of their limo ride. Other flashing VIP guests were spotted to have arrived in Rolls Royce Phantoms and some other exotic whips.

Based on the audience feedback, it is confirmed that this movie “My American Nurse 2” is definitely by far one of the better quality productions out there, as it did keep the viewers laughing throughout the movie. The movie is set out to also be premiered in a few other cities (Dallas, Boston and Los Angeles), and it is officially a GOLDEN ICONS recommended movie flick.

Celebrity guest host – BET | HBO comedian Shawn Harris.

Enjoy the pictures.

Photos by Bode Ojo for Golden ICONS Inc. Golden ICONS is a celebrity, lifestyle, inspirational and entertainment magazine tailored to embrace and highlight the outstanding deeds of ICONS and Citizens of Africa, America and Europe.


My American Nurse 2” is a comedy that chronicles the experiences of Shehu (Pascal Atuma), a Nigerian cab driver in Los Angeles who has had less than stellar luck with women. Frustrated, Shehu gives up on dating American women and decides to travel home to Nigeria to find himself a wife (Vida Darko, Miss Ghana USA 2002). His plan is to find a nurse that he can bring to the U.S. to become certified so that she can make enough money to pull her own weight. His wife, on the other hand, has other plans and proves to be quite a handful for her unsuspecting husband with her newfound American identity. “My American Nurse 2″ is a humorous yet serious look at the life of an immigrant in America.

Starring: Pascal Atuma (Only in America, My American Nurse, Hurricane in the Rose Garden), Vida Darko (Miss Ghana USA 2002), Aloma Wright (Madea’s Family Reunion, “Scrubs”), Michael Blackson (”BET’s Comicview”), and Hakeem Kae-Kazeem (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, “24″).

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    This was a funny movie!

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