Mercy Johnson is Not Blind

Mercy Johnson chats about her new movie “3 Friends & A Lover”, Blindness Rumours &…

Mercy Johnson chats about her new movie “3 Friends & A Lover”, Blindness Rumours & More on iROKtv

Source: BellaNaija

A few weeks ago, rumours were swirling that Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson had “gone blind” after her wedding. As we can see from recent red carpet appearances, the rumours were false.

iROKtv caught up with Mercy Johnson on the set of the movie that sparked the rumour – “3 Friends & A Lover“. Mercy’s character loses the use of one of her eyes. The movie’s makeup artiste created the convincing “gauged eye” look.

Watch the on-set interview and let us know what you think.

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22 Responses to “Mercy Johnson is Not Blind”

  1. Joy Eka says:

    can't wait to watch this movie

  2. Isilove says:

    Who has the guts to blind her in the first place? Please sweety carry on the good work. We looooooove you!

  3. silver-la-hot says:

    na waoo i fear wen i hear am 4 radio abeg make em no be true cus i no go fit withstand dis one with mercy-johnson.

  4. Rachel Kwofie says:

    Mercy u made my heart cut, i tot it was real thing. Thk God is a film.

  5. diana dankwah says:

    huh tank God is not true am more relieve now


    GO GIRL YOU ARE SO GOOD……………………………………

  7. Olayemi says:

    OLA:Waoo it must be a film,mercy plz do let it be true,me & my fan we cherish u,carry on ooooooooooooo

  8. Chika says:

    Tnk God o.dts ma sexiest actress.u cnt go blind

  9. Nwobodo Oseloka says:

    i tot as much, dats y its alwaz gd to search vry well b4 u say anytin cos d world w live in is full of surprises, mercy pls make sure u stay in ur marriage cos dats d main tin nt getting married but staying married, i wish u hapi married life, and tank God ur blindness story is a rumour, tank God 4 U

  10. Tonycool says:

    I dey supprise to hear dis, but i thank god to discover that is rumour i beg make it not be true. Am ready to watch that movie. stay in marry no mine their rumour bcos their evil. I wish u and ur happy x-mas new in advance thank.

  11. samuel bokossah says:

    thanks its just a film but i must comfirm nolly wwod has advanced if they continue in that spirit then they might be same standard to hollywood its good she is not blind i placed a bet now i have proof i won hahahahaha thanks to God , but please that was really a fright.but she is good in shape so she cannot be blind now her husband is a good man in Jesus name

  12. Kamsin says:

    D eye 4 blind wel wel ur fada ma self

  13. Sister Mercy, i wanted to die for u,when i ws told u were blind. Thank God it was not soo. For me i luv u, u are mi star n mst of all, u are very beautiful n sexy. I luv ur wedding, luv everytin abt u. Be good n de good Lord w tk kia of u.luv u

  14. Kaylah says:

    MJ u ar my girl anytym anyday nd u’ve got d swaggs lot of ur coleaques envy, ur role interpretatn is wow. I knew it was jst a rumor, I knew u’re nt blind. Pls always remembr 2 pray God 2 lead ur marriage. I love u nd I say u ar one of d best products of nollywood.

  15. Tnk God it was a rumor.luv u sexy Mercy johnson.luv u

  16. Asoluka prince says:

    Tnk God is nt blindness.waiting to watch the said movie,4rm Prince nifes imsu

  17. saintstokey says:

    Naija, grow up, just a make up and tongues are wagging.

  18. rachael ifedayo says:

    Thank God is not so i was scared when i heard the news mercy my sister go on sky is ur limit

  19. chy says:

    She is really an actress,she can act any part perfectly well.I like ur creativity.

  20. Mr Arong says:

    me & my wife n ol our children b ur fans,we ol love u n we hapi say u no blind in Jesus name-Amen

  21. Ekwelle Judith says:

    Chai! make God no gree make dis kind thing ever happen.Mercy, this will not be your portion in Jesus name. AMEN.

  22. ROSEBUD says:

    oooooh thanks to oga godo that it is a movie, iwas shrinking in my seat, cant wait to watch it, otherwise happy x mas johnson and wish u a safe delivery of your baby girl

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