A Moment with OMOTOLA J. E

Omotola J. Ekeinde is one the most respected and popular Nollywood Super Stars. A moment with…

Omotola J. Ekeinde is one the most respected and popular Nollywood Super Stars. A moment with Omotola confirmed that she is a very sweet, emotional, and intelligent individual. Enjoy!!

Golden ICONS: Hi Ms. Omotola- I am a very big fan of yours. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview you.

Omotola: You are welcome.

Golden ICONS: As one of your very loyal fans, I have watched almost all your movies.  I can definitely say that you are one of the most recognized face in Nollywood. What do you attribute your success to?

Omotola: I presume people who watch my movies just like the flare, and my aura. I am sure that I am not the most talented actress around or the prettiest. I think it’s really about the aura, because there are some actresses that are very talented, and you don’t like their aura.

Golden ICONS: When exactly did you begin your acting career?

Omotola: I did my first movie in 1995. The movie was called Venom of justice

Golden ICONS: You are quoted on record as having acted in over 300 movies.

Omotola: Approximately, maybe

Golden ICONS: How do you select the films you act and prepare for roles?

Omotola: I like to be very emotional. As a result, I tend to act movies that are very emotional.  With this, I can also explore my emotions, and really, there is no limit to what the outcome may be.

Golden ICONS: As a Self-made Nollywood’s superstar, what reasonable advice do you have for aspirant actors/actresses? What would you say to other young girls who are interested in acting and desire to follow your footsteps?

Omotola: I will advise any aspiring young artiste to follow their dream.  Additionally, they should also get educated, because in this time and age, it is not only your expertise in acting that will take you to the next level, but also your craft.r craft- I believe you should be able to express yourself like if you are a spokeperson for AIDS or hepatitis A, where you will need to talk intelligently about the subject matter being discussed.  You also need to be vast in your knowledge about various topics  and issues, and be simple and confident in expressing yourself.

Golden ICONS: With all your years of experience, is it getting easier managing being an A-list actress, a wife, and a mother?

Omotola: Sometimes it is very complicated managing my career and the home, because I sometimes find my family needing my attention at a time when I am shooting a movie. I basically have a scale of preference, and I work with that in ensuring that the highest priority item gets completed first. For example, my top priority is my child’s birthday party, while the nex tone might be my trip to Uganda, and everything thing else woule be in that order. However, when I experience clashes, and find it difficult in making a decision inprioritizing, I tend to always  put my family first.

Golden ICONS: How does your family feel about the paparazzi, as it relates to you? How do you also protect them from the craziness out there?

Omotola: I have got a strong family, and they do not really care about what others say. I also try to make them feel like there is nothing to being popular. For example, when we are in the car and people are waving at us, I tell them to put their hands down because they are not a celebrity. I also ensure I make them realize that they need to stay focused and not be distracted by the fame.

Golden ICONS: There’s No Business like Show Business. Are any of your children interested in following their mum’s footsteps?

Omotola: All my children are really into entertainment, except for the last one, who is probably too young. My first daughter was into acting earlier on, but my husband stopped her, because he wanted her to focus on her education first. My first son is very focused; both academically and with everything else. He just shot a soap opera where he was a lead character. My second daughter, is not into acting, but she is a professional dancer and model.

Golden ICONS: When you are not acting, how do you spend your leisure time?

Omotola: I like to shop (laugh…).  Really, I am an indoor person, and I like to spend time doing various things indoors. However, if I had the opportunity to choose what I would enjoy doing most, it would be to laze around in a nice beach in my bikini, in a place where no one knows me. That would be my dream holiday!

Golden ICONS: So, what’s next for the brand “Omotola”?

Omotola: I really want to do more of charity work, more of giving back to the community. I really want to make Africa can be one of the well recognized continents in the world. Also, my brand has gone out of Nigeria. I don’t just represent Nigeria, but also Africa. I don’t talk as a Nigerian now, but as an African. I would want to explore things that would  make Africa stand out.

Golden ICONS: I saw your video “Feel Alright”, any comments on that?

Omotola: Oh that one! It was a trail video that we did in Los Angeles, California. We just wanted to have fun. It was not an official video and it wasn’t meant for the public too. I really don’t know how it leaked out

Golden ICONS: Finally, woman to woman, I must admit you look fabulous, a lot slimmer in person then I expected. Is this your normal frame?

Omotola: The camera sometimes add 10 pounds to you, but otherwise I add a little here and there.

Golden ICONS: Let me end by stating that as a fellow African woman in diaspora, we are proud of you for being one of ours.

Omotola: Thank you

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  1. Go Gurl…. U really is d bomb!!!

  2. manaura says:

    really like u, infact u are too much!

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  4. Alex says:

    I love to watch ur movie.keep it moving

  5. Gladys says:

    Really want to see ur pics in all kinds of african wears

  6. Glaldys says:

    Really want to see all the stars dress in African wear for a photo shoot competition. I know it will be a wonderful day and all the fans will love it

  7. Nike says:

    where are your recent films?its been long we see you on new films..

  8. Adaobi Chinwe says:

    i think i like your idea really.Please where can i get that movie of yours and Genivene Nnaji,clems ohameze title ije the journey i need to watch

  9. martina says:

    You r such a role model to us mothers, especially those who are inspiring to go into the movie industry. Its been very hard to get within the movie ind….esp if you r a single mother but I really dnt see myself doing anything else even if everybody thinks I should do more modelling, but I will leave that to my girls. I’ve got lots of ideas plus I’m very creative person. I’m very easy to get along with and am not scared to take risks, very fast learner and interact with groups of ppl very well, am my best when am in my comfort zone love meeting new ppl, and good at following directions. Am know as a big joker as comedy comes natural to us in my family, most of all I share the same goal with industry of growth and international connections. Don’t miss me give your girl sm love and let’s do this!

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